As a requisite of democratic and social state of law based on basic human rights where the national will and the elected ones are respected by all; free individuals and civil society organizations have the right and opportunity to an enjoy an active existence and to develop and present own ideas; no one is marginalized; differences are considered richness; wages and income justice is ensured; union rights are enjoyed to the full extent in line with universal and international conventions; working people live a decent life in all spects; people can work in decent jobs; Memur-Sen aims to offer a contribution on the road to a stronger and richer Turkey where public services are equally available for all citizens; is made the real guarantor of freedom of thought and faith; women, young people and the disabled are positively discriminated especially in the working life; women are better represented in civil society and executive levels; men and women have equal opportunities and people are aware of their national values, more free, prosperous, happier and sensitive to environment and nature.

Towards these goals, Memur-Sen aims;

to ensure an enabling wage and social benefits as well as better working conditions and professional prestige for public servants to enjoy a decent life,
to ensure that public servants are more knowledgeable of their jobs and duties and advance in their careers,
to offer legal and social assistance to member trade unions and union members,
to build solidarity, unity and cooperation among its member trade unions,
to provide convenience to female public servants in their professional activities and help them enjoy basic human rights and freedoms with the leadership of female members of the member unions,
to ensure that all people can benefit from free education services on the basis of the equal opportunities,
to support all efforts and initiatives aimed at enabling people to live in justice and peace and are aware of their duties and rights regardless of their faith, language, ethnicity or political views,
to stand against any kind of oligarchy and political tutelage and stand for participative democracy, democratic rights, free and transparent elections and appreciation of the choices of all individuals and members,
to take it as a duty to express its opinions on social matters, develop projects and take necessary actions to realize its ideas,
to ensure that public servants can enjoy their right to strike and engage in politics,
to engage in cooperation with international public institutions, organizations, trade unions and confederations for better delivery of public services in Turkey,
to be member to international umbrella organizations working the field of syndication such as ITUC and ETUC in particular, and engage in information and opinion exchange,
to organize international workshops concerning working life and participate in other workshops organized by its partners for the purpose of importing experiences into Turkey,
to implement work-related programs in cooperation with other trade unions and confederations around the world with a view to making the world a more livable place and offering a decent business life, to ensure that those principles and rules stipulated by universallaws and international conventions, particularly ILO norms and conventions, are observed in protecting and promoting the rights of public servants and regulations the norms of working life.