Visit of a joint delegation Memur-Sen - Egitim Bir-Sen in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Croatia

Visit of a joint delegation Memur-Sen - Egitim Bir-Sen in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Croatia

16 Temmuz 2017, Pazar

A delegation of the Memur-Sen confederation led by President Ali Yalçın, including the deputy president of the trade union Eğitim Bir-Sen, Hasan Yalçınyayla, visited Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Croatia for work and exchange from 5 to 11 May. These meetings marked the desire to multiply initiatives aimed at strengthening solidarity and inter-union cooperation. On the margins of trade union visits, the Memur-Sen delegation was welcomed by Turkish diplomatic representations, academics and academic institutions and various institutions.

In Serbia, the first stage of the tour, the President of the Confederation Memur-Sen met with the president of the Education Union (UNIJA), Jasna Janvovic, the chief of staff of the Ministry of Education, Research and Economic Development, Mr. Milos Blagojevic in Belgrade.

The meeting enabled the Memur-Sen delegation to take stock of the prospects for cooperation with UNIJA. In this context, after a lengthy exchange of views on education-related issues, priorities and areas of work, the parties expressed their common desire to deepen dialogue and contribute to the strengthening of inter-union cooperation between Organizations of the two countries.

In Montenegro, the planned visits allowed the Memur-Sen delegation to meet Zvonko Pavicevic, President of the Montenegrin Education Union, and the president of independent trade unions, Srdja Kekovic. The parties reviewed the state of relations and co-operation in the field of education and ways and means of improving them.

In addition, President Yalçın was received by the Minister of Education, Damir Sehovic. The meeting enabled both sides to take stock of the promotion of strengthening international cooperation, particularly in the field of education.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the President of the Memur-Sen Confederation Memur-Sen met the President of the Independent Trade Unions of Montenegro, Ismet Bayramovic, as well as Selvedin Satorovic, President of the Primary Education Unions. The parties planned to turn to further cooperation. At the end of the visit, the Memur-Sen delegation invited its interlocutors to visit Turkey to discuss these future projects.

In Croatia, the final stage of the visit, the Memur-Sen delegation was received by the president of the Teachers' Union, Sanja Sprem, and the meeting provided an opportunity for both sides to review bilateral relations in the field of education.