Memur-Sen Visits Benin, Togo and Ivory Coast

Memur-Sen Visits Benin, Togo and Ivory Coast

14 Nisan 2017, Cuma

Deputy President of Memur-Sen Hacı Bayram Tonbul and President of Bayındır-Memur-Sen Soner Can Tufanoglu visited Benin, Togo and Ivory Coasts as part of a return visit to the countries which were participated in the "Trade Unionism in the Islamic World" Symposium.

The delegation, which first met with the trade unions in Benin, consulted with the Secretary General of CGTB Moudassirou Bachabi, Secretary General of USTB Emmanuel Zounon and Secretary General of COSI Noel Chadere on energy, education and working life. In Benin, Trade Unions asked for scholarship support for higher education and support for education in Turkey.

Then, the delegation which adjourned to Togo met with President of STT Lowdon Oulov Kovnle Nadov and representatives of Togo Ministry of Construction in the capital city Lome. Consultations were held on the infrastructure work in Togo and the problems of the construction industry and the proposals of the solutions. A cooperation agreement was signed between the Memur-Sen and the STT in the fields of zoning and working life.

The last stop in the trade union activities of delegation was the capital city Abidjan in Ivory Coast. Tonbul and Tufanoğlu met with Minister of Labor of the Ivory Coast Jean Claude Kouassi and discussed negotiations for the development and co-operation of working and economic relations with Turkey. Kouassi stated that frequent meetings would greatly contribute to increasing the cultural exchange and sharing of information between the trade unions. Kouassi also stated that they will support the labour organization which will be established under the Organization of Islamic Cooperation until the end. The delegation which met with Minister of Ivory Coast Public Works Pascal Abinan talked about Turkey's accession process to the European Union. Abinan said that it is a political decision to not accept the appeal of a democratic and developed country like Turkey. Abinan expressed his appreciation for the sincerity of the Turkish people and thanked the delegation of the Memur-Sen for their visit.

The delegation met which with the Secretary General of FESACI Felix Kra and Secretary General of CISL-DIGNITE Elie Boga, conducted negotiations on trade unionism activities, working life problems and solutions in the consultations. Cooperation agreements has been signed with both confederations.