Memur-Sen attended to the 4. Congress of KSPI in Indonesia

Memur-Sen attended to the 4. Congress of KSPI in Indonesia

21 Mart 2017, Salı

Deputy President of Levent Uslu attended the congress of Indonesian Trade Unions Confederation (KSPI-CITU) which is the largest trade union movement in Indonesia.

Levent Uslu, who made a speech titled "Welfare State in Turkey" on the first day of the congress, said "The role of civil society in Turkey has become increasingly important in recent years. Today, the biggest actor of change in Turkey is civil society. In this sense, the role of non-governmental organizations is extremely important. We have to fight together not only for our own countries but also for our geography. "

Uslu: "We Must Tell The Future Together"

Uslu who stressed the importance of joint action to ensure justice in the world order, said "We have to take responsibility for a fairer, more human, more tranquil and peaceful world that justice is provided in the distribution of income. As Confederations, we must combine our strengths for a world where people are not concerned about tomorrow but who look to the future with confidence. As labour organizations, we must raise our voices together for a working plane that is prohibited, restricted, not exploited, but using union rights and freedoms, which we receive for our labour, and we must say our future together."

President of KSPI-CITU Said Iqbal was re-elected in the congress attended by Industriall Assistant Secretary Jenny Holdcroft, ITUC Asia-Pacific Secretary Noriyuki Suzuki from Japan, Indonesian Main Opposition Party Leader and Australian Workers Party representative Elias Hallaj.

Levent Uslu also visited the Turkish Embassy in Jakarta and learned about the ambassador's new building project. In the meetings, International Relations Advisor of Memur-Sen Uğur Müftüoğlu was also presented.