Memur-Sen Attended the Second Congress of the Union of Tunisian Workers

Memur-Sen Attended the Second Congress of the Union of Tunisian Workers

16 Temmuz 2017, Pazar

"We, as worker movements, must unite our strength in order to create a world in which the worker is not afraid," said Metin Memiş, Vice President of the Memur-Sen Confederation, in the speech which was given to 500 unionists during his participation in the second national congress of the Union of the Tunisian Workers'. We must work together, raise our voice together, for a working environment that doesn't take advantage of us, a working environment in which we take what we deserve without prevention and determination, and in the international arena we must be an entity that defends human rights."

The delegation of the Memur-Sen headed by the Vice President of Metin Memiş was accompanied by international relations expert of Memur-Sen, Hussein Bahjat.

During the meeting with the Secretary-General-elected, Mr. Mohamed Mehdi Kamoun, Memiş offered his congratulations to the members of the new executive board for their confidence in the Union of Tunisian Workers and their victory in the elections.

Memiş praised the strong relations between the two unions and the brotherhood, the Tunisian workers 'union in promoting the labour movement and the role of its founder Mr. Ismail Al-Sahbani in defending workers' rights.

During his stay in Tunisia, Memiş also met with Assistant Secretary General for Arab and Foreign Relations and Migration at the Tunisian General Union for Labour, Naima Hammami and discussed the exchange of experiences in order to work together to find suitable solutions to issues and topics that serve the working class. Maintain it's rights and provide a decent life, and support the trade union movement towards further progress and success through the conclusion of a cooperation agreement between the two unions.