International Workshop on Trade Unionism and Social Policy

International Workshop on Trade Unionism and Social Policy

16 Temmuz 2017, Pazar

In front of an audience of international trade union representatives gathered in the framework of the International Workshop on "Trade Unionism and Social Policies" President of the Memur-Sen Confederation Memur-Sen, Ali Yalçın opened his keynote address: 'No religion, no ideology, no boundary, it's nature is universal'.

The International Workshop on "Trade Unionism and Social Policy", organized in partnership with Memur-Sen, SESRIC and TODAİE, was held on Wednesday 17 May 2017 in Ankara, President of Memur-Sen, Ali Yalçın, Director of TODAİE, Onur Ender Arslan , Members of the Executive Board and presidents of trade unions affiliated to the Memur-Sen Confederation, 14 trade union leaders from different countries and 25 young trade unionists were present in Ankara as part of a two-month certification course.

Ali Yalçın who reiterating the importance of certifying training in international trade unionism and social policies, President Ali Yalçın said: "As a result of the inter-union cooperation and first of its kind, this training program will be renewed. This training will not only have allowed the exchange of experiences of each individual, but above all it will be possible to build strong cultural ties and friendships between the participants and the Memur-Sen partner organizations. Moreover, this program is important because it gives us the opportunity to think, benefit from each other and develop synergies to increase the impact of our communications". "No matter the skin color; All men share the same color of sweat, tears and blood, "said Yalçın.

Yalçın also expressed deep concern about the hegemonic powers that sow the ruins, blood and tears in Syria and, more broadly, in various parts of the world: "As a workers' movements we must inscribe false, raise the tone and fight against all forms of violence. Together, united and committed, we can increase our impact and become a force for proposals," he added.

Onur Ender Arslan, Managing Director of TODAIE, praised the exceptional nature of the training which, in addition to strengthening the friendly and fraternal relations between the participants, allowed for a deeper cooperation between the various trade union organizations in different countries .

The first day of workshop, split into three sessions, began with the theme of Labour and Labour Organizations in Africa and Eurasia. The session was moderated by Hasan Hüseyin Öz, Councilor of Memur-Sen, with a panel of actors such as Maroof Qaderi, President of NUAWE (Afghanistan), Usher Wilson Owere, President of NOTU (Uganda,) Luther Limbani Mambala, President of MCTU (Malawi) and Fatou Diouf from CSA (Senegal).

The second session, moderated by Osman Timurtaş, focused on the relationship between labor, production and capital. The meeting was attended by panellists: Ismail El Gazali from CNTM (Mauritania), Anthony Yaw Baah, President of the GTUC (Ghana), Mamadou Issa Dille Diallo, administrative secretary of CNTG (Guinea) and Mehmet Emin Esen, Deputy President of Memur-Sen.

The third session, led by Dr. Kenan Bağcı, researcher at SESRIC, addressed the issue of inequality in income distribution. The meeting was attended by the following panellists: Emmanuel Titus Nzunda, Assistant Secretary General of OATUU (Ghana), Maximilien Ntone Diboti, Secretary General of the CSTC (Cameroon), Noel Lotary Nchimbi from TUCTA (Tanzania) and Muhammed Haniff Perun, President of the MLC (Mauritius).

The second day of study, divided into three sessions as well, began with the theme of colonialism and trade union struggle. The session was moderated by Prof. Dr. Sütay Yavuz of TODAİE, with a panel of actors such as Moudassirou Bachabi, Secretary General of the CGTB (Benin), Félix Kra Kouamé, Secretary General of FESACI (Côte d'Ivoire ), Irvan Tengkuharja from KSPI-CITU (Indonesia) and Emmanuel Bigirimana from NOTU (Uganda).

The second session of the day dealt with the theme of the Union-Politics-Bureaucracy relationship. Hosted by Hüseyin Rahmi Akyüz, Councilor of the President of Memur-Sen, the meeting was attended by the following panellists: Yousif Ali Abdelkarim, President of the SWTUF (Sudan), Olivier Guy Ouedraogo, Secretary General of CSB (Burkina Faso), Usman Aslam from PLF (Pakistan) and Soule Abdou Semihou from CGTB (Benin).

The final session of the seminar focused on the issue of the position of trade unions in the face of global supervision. Moderated by Ali Sait Bedük, Administrative Secretary of Memur-Sen, the meeting was attended by the following panellists: Martin Mubera, President of the CESTRAR (Rwanda), Djibrilla Idrissa, Secretary General of the CDTN (Niger), Hacı Bayram Tonbul, Deputy President of the Memur-Sen and Robert Afotey Mensah from GTUC (Ghana).

The seminar, attended by more than 70 people, ended with a gift-giving ceremony and the traditional group photo.