International Trade Unionism and Social Policy Certificate Program Begins

International Trade Unionism and Social Policy Certificate Program Begins

15 Nisan 2017, Cumartesi

The promotion meeting of the "International Trade Union and Social Policy Certificate Program", which was organized by the Memur-Sen, SESRIC and TODAİE, was realized with the participation of the President of the Memur-Sen Ali Yalçın. Yalçın who gave a speech at the meeting, said "This program will be very instrumental. We will mutually know each other more. We will always find the answer of how will we benefit from each other and how will we make the labour movements more qualified in the world the questions."

International Trade Unionism and Social Policy Certificate Program which will proceed for two months with attendance of 25 participant who are the members of international relations commission of 25 confederations from 25 countries started with the promotion meeting with participation of the President of Memur-Sen Ali Yalçın, the Director General of TODAİE  Onur Ender Aslan, Head of Training and Technical Cooperation Department of the SESRİC Mehmet Fatih Serenli, executives and extension students of this certificate program. President of Memur-Sen Ali Yalçın who gave a speech at the meeting, said "There are training and cooperation agreements that we signed with more than 90 confederations during consultations with these confederations as Memur-Sen family. As a matter of these agreements, we are taking a humble step today. These studies will continue to grow."

Yalçın who stated that the program was realized by three important and ambitious institutions together, said "This study is an idea that emerged in the symposium of trade unionism in the Islamic World, where 80 confederations from 58 countries came together in Istanbul. Mutual exchange of ideas is a step taken to benefit from each other."

Aslan: We Are Pleased to Welcome the Trade Unionists of the Future

Director General of TODAİE Onur Ender Aslan, who gave the opening speech of the program, said "I would like to first of all thank the friends who come from these 25 friend countries. Such organizations will strengthen peace and brotherhood in this geography. Co-operation between you, trade unionists of future as you and the unions in this region will be more developed. I would like to thank the President of Memur-Sen Ali Yalçın, SESRIC and TODAİE"

Serenli: This Program Will Play a Big Role in the Realization of Our Goals

Head of SESRIC Training and Technical Cooperation Department, Mehmet Fatih Serenli said that they are honoured to organize this program together with Memur-Sen and TODAİE and stated that "This training program is based on the symposium on "Trade Unionism in the Islamic World" which was realized in October last year in a successful cooperation of SESRIC and Memur-Sen. This symposium was aimed at sharing the knowledge and experience of unionism in the main objective Islamic countries, seeking solutions to similar problems through developing common projects and creating an information network to ensure sustainable cooperation."