International Leadership School Organized by the Memur-Sen Youth Produced the First Graduates

International Leadership School Organized by the Memur-Sen Youth Produced the First Graduates

21 Mart 2017, Salı

The first term of the International Leadership School realized by the Memur-Sen Youth finished. Students who have graduated from the first term received certificate of graduation with a certificate ceremony with a wide participation.

International Leadership School, which was established in Memur-Sen Youth gave the first graduates who are the foreign students in Turkey. University students from many countries from Mauritania to Afghanistan, Yemen to Syria, Somalia from Iraq graduated from the International Leadership School after a 4-month training period with a certificate ceremony. Şanlıurfa Member of the Parliament and Honorary Secretary of Sağlık-sen Mahmut Kaçar, Deputy President of Eğitim-Bir-Sen Ramazan Çakırcı, Board Member of Maarif Foundation and Council of Ministers of Youth and Sports Selim Cerrah, Undersecretary of the Embassy of Yemen Tariq Abdüllatif, Undersecretary of the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan Aizhan S. Tabaldieva, Deputy Presidents of the Anatolian Youth Association Kemal Abacı and Mehmet Savaş, Deputy President of the Saadet Party Youth Branch Abdülkadir Karaduman, students and their families attended.

President of Memur-Sen Youth Eyüp Beyhan who gave a speech at ceremony, addressed the work carried out and said, "Our commissions, which are important functions in our organization, produce services in academic level with seriousness and discipline. One of the most important of these commissions is the International Relations commission. In this context, we are developing our dialogue with international youth organizations, particularly our international students studying in Turkey, within the framework of our institutional mission."

A certificate ceremony was held after various demonstrations of students from the International Leadership School. The certificate ceremony ended with collective photo shoots of students and guests.