International Labour`s Day gathering in Kütahya

International Labour's Day gathering in Kütahya

16 Temmuz 2017, Pazar

Memur-Sen, the largest trade union organization in Turkey, celebrated the May Day celebrations in the city of Kütahya, the city where was signed the first collective bargaining in history.

International Workers' Day celebrations began with a thunderous acclamation with a speech by Mr. Fatih Köse, Memur-Sen representative  for the Kütahya Province, in a crowd chanting slogans in favor of solidarity, freedom, unity and equality.

In a jovial atmosphere, in the middle of banners and posters, Ali Yalçın, president of Memur-Sen, delivered a speech for a more egalitarian and supportive society. He spoke of the political-financial oligarchy that controls globalization and dominates without sharing, "solidarity is our weapon," he said.

In his address, Yalçın also spoke of the significant headways made by Memur-Sen in the fields of wealth, social protection, public service and equality. With regard to the negotiations on collective bargaining that will take place from next July onwards, he said: "Memur-Sen is well prepared, we will make our proposals accepted and acceptable," he said .

In conclusion, he welcomed and thanked the 25 international guests, trade unionists from 24 countries, invited by Memur-Sen to follow a two month's training program in Social Policies and International Trade Unionism.