Enlarged Cooperation Agreement was Signed Between Memur-Sen and ZCTU

Enlarged Cooperation Agreement was Signed Between Memur-Sen and ZCTU

16 Temmuz 2017, Pazar

President of the Memur-Sen Confederation Ali Yalçın received Zambia Trade Union COngress in his office at the headquarters of the Memur-Sen. The delegation was accompanied by ewas signed between the Memur-Sen and ZCTU and between the Education Union of Zambia and Eğitim-Bir-Sen.

Yalçın expressed his pleasure to meet with the delegation and thanked them for their visit to the Memur-Sen. He also stressed the importance of the joint cooperation agreement signed between them, and the two unions serve as a bridge linking the two countries at the international and trade union level.

Secretary-General of the ZCTU, Aston Negovo, who spoke on behalf of the delegation, said that they were pleased to be in the Memur-Sen and thanked to Memur-Sen for the warm hospitality and warm welcome.

He briefed Yalçın on the activities of the ZCTU and wished them success in their union work and in the service of the working class.Aston praised the efforts of the Memur-Sen to develop relations with trade unions,  and workers' organizations in the world to promote the labour movement in the world and stressed the desire to benefit from the experiences of the Memur-Sen, pointing out the importance of such agreements in order to ensure the continuation of the struggle to defend the rights and efforts. 

During the meeting, protocol of joint cooperation in the field of trade union and education was signed. President of ZCTU, Aston Negovo, President of the Zambia Teachers' Trade Union, Kangua Musonga, President of the Union of Academics, Moya Songolo, two Deputy Presidents of the Eğitim-Bir-Sen, Latif Selvi and Ramazan Çakırcı, the Coordinator of International Relations of Memur-Sen, Osman Timurtaş and the External Relations Expert of Memur-Sen Nihat Aksen were present during the visit.